My Holocaust Survivor Grandfather, Eli Midler

My grandfather was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1919. He left his house at the age of 19 to run away from the Nazis, he took with him only $10 dollars that his parents gave him and a picture of his family. 

He always put off sharing his life story as he thought it was too painful to share it with everyone. When he finally wanted to do it, it was too late as he died from heart failure. But he always commented that he wished he could leave future messages for his grandchildren to receive on special occasions when he wasn’t present. My mother always told me that he wished there was something that allowed people to leave a lasting impression for future generations. It was important to him to leave his legacy. 

When my mother told me this about my grandfather throughout the years, it always resonated with me. When I finally got old enough, I was able to make his story everlasting and give others the opportunity as well. We created this site to give users the ability to write out future messages, add a video or picture, select their recipient, decide if it will be sent via email or text and of course they can decide their delivery date. Their delivery date can be days, months, and years into the future. Our other feature is “life story” which memorializes a person’s life by allowing them to write down their autobiography, accomplishments and family history. This can also be sent out whenever.