Reasons to Write a Life Story

Writing your life story is the perfect opportunity to pass through the borders of time, to honor those you love, and to celebrate the success of your life. Can’t Forget Me allows you the ability to formulate and record your everlasting legacy by creating a long-lasting impression through their proprietary technology.

What are your intentions to keep your legacy alive?

There are many reasons to keep your legacy alive because the ability to bring the line between reality and memories becomes less distinct with the passing years. Your intentions to write or record your autobiography are

1) Bring the past to the present:

Many people experience difficult times at some point in their life, often leaving resentments, regrets, and pain. In some cases, disappointment may be the result of betrayal or revenge. To have an everlasting legacy allows you to review your past and reconsider events more wisely. 

2) Leave a trace of your existence:

Your autobiography defines proof that you are active in life events and allows you to discover your perception, and your interpretation of events uniquely, enabling you to connect with readers to share your feelings, emotions, successes, disappointments, experiences, and awareness.

Your life is a reflection of your values​​, and unity is the measure of love. Your story represents appreciating your existence before you leave; it would be helpful to share your memories with close people to continue family life with the same foundations

3) The pride of accomplishing something great

Writing your life story takes hours of reflection and introspection, but this could be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life to revitalize old relationships. You also have photo albums that help you remember your past.

Sending a Future Message

Innovative technology rocks the world, and that’s where we come in. Today, sending a future message is possible through Can’t Forget Me

What would you say to yourself in the future? Is there something you want to get off your chest? What if you can hear your mothers voice after she passes away? Thanks to the Can’t Forget Me, you can write messages for you or your loved ones to read in the future to remember or recall important moments in your life.

Can’t Forget Me offers users the ability to send future messages, while filling a forum where you can write whatever you want and say whatever you want, whether scheduled for one year and five years, although you can customize a specific day, month, and year. As a curiosity, the future message supports up to the year 2090 or above. 

How to schedule a future message?

Can’t Forget Me offers an exciting way to create an everlasting legacy for future generations.

  • Record your message: It can be a message for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, words of encouragement, or even for your grandchildren.
  • A perfect way to wish: Your recorded video or text message will be in Can’t Forget Me’s platform until it is ready to be delivered on your desired delivery time. 
  • Let’s deliver to the future: Your message will be sent through text message or email on the scheduled date that you specify. 

As for the practical utility of Can’t Forget Me, sending a scheduled message brings excitement. It is possible to indicate a few days, months, or even years for future message delivery dates.

A letter to the future

Can’t Forget Me allows your family and friends to share their memories in the future safely and securely.

Creating a Life Story

A life story is a narrative technique that consists of elaborating an autobiographical aspect for therapeutic or research purposes.  The basic procedure consists of evoking and structuring the memories of a person’s life through their own gaze. In life history, not only objective data such as dates and places should be reflected, but above all, information related to the subjective perspective, such as values, ideas, projects, life approaches, social relationships, etc.

Four fundamental aspects of the person’s life are:

  • The most important relationships: family, friends, colleagues with whom the person has a special relationship.
  • Favorite places. The current address, the town or region of origin, places you have visited.
  • Animals that they like to remember. Life experiences, travel, etc.
  • Current interests, or even plans

Usually, the life story is built between the main subject of the biographical story and a therapist or researcher, who collects the information through an oral interview that helps to structure it. 

Structure of a Life Story

The goals of a Life Story differ from whether it is research or psychotherapy. However, the life stories not only allow the person to become famous but also reveal information about the realities experienced by many countries or contexts.

The structure of a life story can vary, but the question is that it adapts to the proposed work of objectives in each case. Here are the main criteria:

  1. Introduction: The person gives a brief overview of his life in the start of story.
  2. Indicate what are the critical events: It is usually asked about eight critical events: first personal memory, an event from childhood, another from adolescence, another from adult life, the peak of life (the best moment), the ground point (the worst) and period of inflection (moments of change, for better or worse), in addition to another critical moment.
  3. Positive and negative influences: Identify people, groups, or institutions with a positive or negative impact.
  4. Life challenge: Identify what has been the biggest challenge you face. How you handled it and how you fixed it.
  5. Description of the cultural and family stories: these can be the most influence for example, the comments of the group of friends about the family discourse on drugs or the favorite series, etc.
  6. Values ​​and personal ideology: Simple, direct questions about a person’s value system and how it has changed with age.
  7. Vital issue: asks about the central message, the subject on which he thinks he has been occupying himself throughout his narrative.
  8. Search for alternative futures: Two possible futures, one negative and positive, consistently from a realistic position.
  9. Other elements that the person deems appropriate

The main objective of “creating a life story” is to enhance ones memory, evoking it to structure it, and thus reinforcing identity, the feeling of personal integrity, especially in cases of the elderly.

With Can’t Forget Me, you can create a life story while choosing personalized care to coherence with the life project. Let’s allow family and friends to share their life memories securely. 

Keeping your Legacy Alive

It’s never easy to say goodbye to your loved ones. Taking steps to preserve the memories of loved ones is the key to closing wounds after a loss. Although the loss of loved ones is beyond your control, making sure that the good memories of family and friends are not forgotten is something you can control.

Why create your legacy?

It is essential to create your legacy in a way you want others to remember you by. Your life is unique, and should be told in the way you want to express it. You can share your achievements, bucket lists, and family history.

Ones legacy will remain after their death, as their memories of life will be kept for future generations to come. 

Here are several things that keep your legacy alive

  • Put legacy into words:

You have FULL control of your legacy. You control how your life will be remembered. You will also be the one to share your life story with your family in a way you want them to remember.

  • Record your legacy:

This is an alternative way to keep your legacy alive for the future. Visit Can’t Forget Me and record your everlasting legacy for creating a long-lasting impression. 

Your Legacy Lives On

From a personal point of view, consider that the legacy can be material and emotional. That is to say, the best legacy that a father can leave to his son after his death is the time shared in common, the love expressed, the values ​​transmitted through upright conduct, unconditional support, and kindness. This is the best legacy because it penetrates the hearts of good men.

History advances, and we can look back to the past to know our roots through the legacy that lives on in libraries. Today, when there is more information on ecological awareness, it is also essential to leave a good legacy to future generations by connected Can’t Forget Me

My Holocaust Survivor Grandfather, Eli Midler

My grandfather was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1919. He left his house at the age of 19 to run away from the Nazis, he took with him only $10 dollars that his parents gave him and a picture of his family. 

He always put off sharing his life story as he thought it was too painful to share it with everyone. When he finally wanted to do it, it was too late as he died from heart failure. But he always commented that he wished he could leave future messages for his grandchildren to receive on special occasions when he wasn’t present. My mother always told me that he wished there was something that allowed people to leave a lasting impression for future generations. It was important to him to leave his legacy. 

When my mother told me this about my grandfather throughout the years, it always resonated with me. When I finally got old enough, I was able to make his story everlasting and give others the opportunity as well. We created this site to give users the ability to write out future messages, add a video or picture, select their recipient, decide if it will be sent via email or text and of course they can decide their delivery date. Their delivery date can be days, months, and years into the future. Our other feature is “life story” which memorializes a person’s life by allowing them to write down their autobiography, accomplishments and family history. This can also be sent out whenever. 

“Can’t Forget Me” is revolutionizing how people communicate!

It is very important to maintain direct communication with your loved ones as much as possible. But the truth is that sometimes life gets in the way. The last thing you want is to forget about important family events or those experiences that you went through together years ago. 

What is “Can’t Forget Me” and what makes it different?

Can’t Forget Me is a platform to send future messages to anyone at any time into the future! By allowing users to create their own messages, one can easily add their recipients and their desired delivery date. The platform also helps one formulate their message by providing numerous templates! You can also send a video, picture or audio message to be received into the future. You can send a message that will be received within 10 days, or one that you can read in 2040. You are always in control, and the best part is that everything is fully customized to suit your needs. 

By using this unique approach, “Can’t Forget Me” is revolutionizing the way people communicate and “stay in touch” with one another! It’s a very distinctive, unique approach and one that really pushes the boundaries when it comes to interacting. One’s message can be deep, joyful, humorous or even to just reminisce about old times. 

You have complete control over what messages you send

The main advantage of “Can’t Forget Me” is that you are always in control of what messages you send and who receives them. It’s a great, creative idea, and one that can be incredibly fun. Plus, you can easily push the boundaries and come up with creative messages. Of course, others can also send future messages to you as well, often when not expected, which adds up to the fun of the entire experience! 

Thinking about sending a message to your future self? 

Where do you think you will be in 1, 5 or 10 years? You can record a message for your future self, talk about your aspirations, the things you want to achieve, and then receive it whenever you see fit. This is a very creative, engaging idea, and one that helps you think more about yourself and what opportunities might arise in the future.

“Can’t Forget Me” gives you complete control over privacy too! You can decide who receives the messages making the experience more meaningful.