What is "Can't Forget Me"?
We are a platform to send future messages to anyone at any time into the future! By allowing users to create their own messages, one can easily add any recipient and their desired delivery date. By using this unique approach, “Can’t Forget Me” is revolutionizing the way people communicate and “stay in touch” with one another! One’s message can be deep, joyful, humorous or even to just reminisce about old times. You can also create your legacy in a way you want others to remember you by. You can share your achievements, bucket lists, and family history. One's legacy will remain after their death, as their memories of life will be kept for future generations to come.
How To Add Contacts
After signing up, you can add contacts of your loved ones to whom you can send messages to. You can add contacts in two ways. 1) You can either import contacts through an Excel File to add multiple at a time, or you can add contacts manually by inserting one’s Name, Contact Number. and Email. After you’ll click "Add" and your Contacts will be saved! You can also view your saved contacts by scrolling down a bit on the page.
Messages After Your Passing
For specifically “Can’t Forget Me” messages you will need to add a trustee. This is important to make sure your messages are sent out properly. To do so, click on the "Confirmation & Trustees" button. You will be sent a periodic text or email to confirm you are alive and in case you do not reply, your trustee will confirm your life status. To add a Trustee, scroll down a bit and click on "Trustee" and select one of your contacts to add as a main trustee. After, you will select a time interval you want to receive a confirmation message and click "Save".
How to "Create A New Future Message"?
To "Create A New Future Message," you have to give it a title first and select the type of future message (While you are alive, or Can't Forget Me). As mentioned, you can select “While you are alive” for present messages or “Can’t Forget Me” which is designed for after your passing. You will then choose a delivery date for your message. You can also make your messages repeat by clicking the message recurring option. And select a recurring time period. Next you will choose if you would like your message sent via text or email. You are able to create your own message or you can choose a pre-built template. You can also add Photos, Videos and Voice Memos in your message. Once you finish writing your message you will select the recipients down below and click save. When your message is ready to be sent, it will take you to the next tab "Scheduled Messages” where you have to set the status of your message to "Publish" to make it active.
How to Create a "Life Story"?
Another feature of “Can't Forget Me” is that you can write your own “Life Story” to share with your loved ones after ones passing. To do so, go to the "Life Story" tab. You can edit your personal details, and upload your picture here. You can choose a template or create your own. You can add Photos, Videos, and Voice Memos. You can also add Family members, and even create a Bucket List. Once you are done writing, You will choose a color scheme and if you would like your life story page to be sent via text or email. Finally, you will choose your recipients to send this page to. Once you finish, you can preview your life story through the “scheduled messages” tab, where you can easily "Edit" and “Preview” at any given time.