“Can’t Forget Me”, The Platform to Send Future Messages to Anyone at Anytime.

Written By: https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/cant-forget-me-the-platform-to-send-future-messages-to-anyone-at-anytime-2021-07-13

Can’t Forget Me is a unique platform that allows one the ability to create their everlasting legacy in a safe and secure way. Their service allows users the option to send future messages, photos, videos, and voice memos to family and friends. One can schedule a message to be delivered days, months, or years in advance to their desired recipients.

Can’t Forget Me encourages people to answer tough but relevant life questions like, “What would you say to yourself in the future? Is there something you want to get off your chest? What if you can hear your mother’s voice after she passes away?” Thanks to Can’t Forget Me, users can write messages for themselves or loved ones to read in the future to remember or recall important moments in life.

How to Send Future Messages: 

1) Users create their message or select from our pre-written templates 

2) Users can add videos, pictures, and a voice memo to their message

3) Users will select the recipients to whom they want their message(s) delivered 

4) Users will then select their desired delivery date (days, months, or years)

Can’t Forget Me is suggested for anyone who has always wanted to leave a legacy for their loved ones, or people who miss being able to sit on the front porch and talk to their siblings or parents. The platform makes it possible for people to stay connected, no matter what life changes they may experience. 

Can’t Forget Me is also recommended for anyone who is tired of trying to make social media work for connection-building. Surely, it can be hard to stay in touch with loved ones who are in another state or country.

Another interesting feature of Can’t Forget Me is called “Your Life Story,” which gives users full control of their legacy by expressing their life in a way they want others to remember them by. The platform also offers users the ability to add their achievements, family history as well as a bucket list. 

Family members and friends will be able to check in with a user’s page and see their hopes and dreams whenever they want, making it simple for them to stay included at all times. User information will be kept safe with Can’t Forget Me for years to come. 

Can’t Forget Me allows people the ability to formulate and record an everlasting legacy by creating a long-lasting impression through their proprietary technology.