Sending a Future Message

Innovative technology rocks the world, and that’s where we come in. Today, sending a future message is possible through Can’t Forget Me

What would you say to yourself in the future? Is there something you want to get off your chest? What if you can hear your mothers voice after she passes away? Thanks to the Can’t Forget Me, you can write messages for you or your loved ones to read in the future to remember or recall important moments in your life.

Can’t Forget Me offers users the ability to send future messages, while filling a forum where you can write whatever you want and say whatever you want, whether scheduled for one year and five years, although you can customize a specific day, month, and year. As a curiosity, the future message supports up to the year 2090 or above. 

How to schedule a future message?

Can’t Forget Me offers an exciting way to create an everlasting legacy for future generations.

  • Record your message: It can be a message for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, words of encouragement, or even for your grandchildren.
  • A perfect way to wish: Your recorded video or text message will be in Can’t Forget Me’s platform until it is ready to be delivered on your desired delivery time. 
  • Let’s deliver to the future: Your message will be sent through text message or email on the scheduled date that you specify. 

As for the practical utility of Can’t Forget Me, sending a scheduled message brings excitement. It is possible to indicate a few days, months, or even years for future message delivery dates.

A letter to the future

Can’t Forget Me allows your family and friends to share their memories in the future safely and securely.